Guiding steps for the third mentor meeting

Step One: After limiting the challenge to one specific area dive deeper into the challenge and come up with your own solutions. Keep up the momentum and enjoy the process of identifying solutions!

Step Two: Review any ideas the mentee brings in—but it’s also OK if she comes empty-handed. Brainstorm and decide: take a real interest in each other ideas! Ask questions rather than make statements. Consider yourself a sounding board for ideas. Download and print the Thinking Hats tool (clickable pdf file). The tool allows a range of different viewpoints and perspectives to be brought into a discussion about an idea, while still keeping the focus on the issue at hand.

Step Three: When something is just not working, talk about it and explain why. Plan your next meeting time, date and place, and talk about what you want to accomplish moving forward.


  • The mentee should write down solutions that work and ideas that don’t. The mentee should bring this list back to the next meeting and highlight the one idea she would like to test.
  • Mentorships are all about collaboration. The mentor’s resources should serve to help the mentee define her own solution to the integration challenge.