What is KVINFO’s Mentor Network

The Mentor Network is KVINFO’s idea on how to facilitate the integration of immigrant and refugee women into both the Danish labor market and society at-large. The idea is simple: we want to make a difference and open new paths for immigrant and refugee women living in Denmark, so we’ve setup a Network where women can meet and connect with other women that are actively engaged in all areas of everyday life in Denmark. The two parties are referred to as mentees and mentors. The connection is made based on a similar educational or vocational background, a similar profession and/or on personal ambitions.

Mentors are all volunteers and offer approx. 2 hours a month over the course of 4-12 months to engage with mentees on the issues they’ve agreed to work together on. This can include advice on job applications and interviews, workplace culture and reassessment of employment potential.  The Network also offers purely social matches, where the emphasis is on the ‘softer’ goals, such as access to Danish society and gaining a permanent foothold there. These goals may be oriented to improving Danish language skills or dealing with the lack of family and a new social network.