Guiding steps for the second mentor meeting

Step One: Brainstorm to try to identify the main challenge the mentee is encountering, and how they are dealing with it. It might help to download, print and bring with you the Challenge Definition tool (clickable pdf file) in your toolbox .

Step Two: Build upon any idea you spoke about in the previous meeting. Look at examples of others who have overcome a similar integration challenge. Look at examples of those who have failed. Relate these examples to the mentee’s challenge and overall experience.

Step Three: Plan your next meeting time, date and place. KVINFO recommends that you end each meeting determining what you want to accomplish next time.


  • There are two areas you may want to focus on:
    • The Danish labour market and economic integration
      (i.e. Entry-level opportunities as first steps, recognition of formal and informal qualifications and further training, incentives to participate in the workforce, etc.)
    • Social and language integration
      (i.e. Development of Danish-language skills, understanding relevant values and norms, building your own social network in Denmark, etc.)
  • Be solution-oriented! Remain encouraging and enthusiastic about the integration challenge.
  • Plan a trip together! Visit an organization/institution or an individual whose work is inspiring for your integration challenge.