Our objectives

The Mentor Network’s main goal is to support immigrant and refugee women living in Denmark in their effort to find employment and become active members of society. In order to achieve our goal we:

  • Facilitate 1:1 mentoring experiences based on confidentiality, mutual trust, and respect for cultural differences. In addition, we offer personalized support to all members on a daily basis.
  • Organize monthly mentoring workshops and events which create and strengthen connectivity within the Network.
  • Develop new methods where guidance takes place in a social group to ensure fluid interpersonal dynamics regardless of age/education/ethnicity.
  • Provide our members with tools designed for collaboration, empathy, flexibility, and testing/improving ideas in practice.

The bottom line is that KVINFO’s Mentor Network wants to provide greater visibility and knowledge about positive and active integration of immigrant and refugee women in Denmark. Read about our target group here.