Why become a mentor

Although a common objective of mentorships are to help mentees in their job search, there may be other areas of the mentee’s life that require the same level of support and attention.

Some mentees face barriers to the accessibility of employment. Some will require the recognition of their academic and professional qualifications by the relevant authorities. This process may lead to a decision that education or vocational training is insufficient and that supplementary courses at a Danish educational institution are necessary. Access to education is sometimes dependent on passing a Danish language exam, requiring a certain command of the language.

Some mentees who join the Network are struggling with depression due to prolonged social isolation, which may require your support in establishing new social contacts.

The need for a mentor does not stop once employment has been found. Important input  on navigating your way around a Danish workplace can often be essential. From collegial relationships and apparent flat hierarchical structures, there is subtle information integral to the Danish work culture that is challenging to pick up on as an outsider. The mentoring process helps to identify the underlying way of life and decipher it, allowing both mentor and mentee to learn as they go along.