Tell a colleague about KVINFO’s Mentor Network

If you have a colleague who would like to be a mentor for an immigrant or refugee woman, she must go through the following steps:

Fill in an online profile form with basic information about herself and about what she would like to offer as a mentor. Your colleague’s application is approved within 1-2 days. She will then receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access her mentor dashboard and how the matching process happens online. We are always available if you or your colleague have any questions about registration and/or the matching process.

Based on the type of professional and/or social guidance your colleague is willing to share, she will be able to find a mentee or may be found by a mentee within approximately 2 weeks. Your colleague can request a match with an immigrant or refugee woman or may be approached by an immigrant woman who presents herself as a possible mentee. The mentor match is based on a similar education, vocation, or professional background. We always recommend that our members take geographical proximity into account when making their matches.

The process for establishing the mentor relationship is fairly easy. If your colleague agrees to meet a mentee, they should agree on a date and a place for the first meeting. While interactions between mentor and mentee may vary from informal to structured activities, it is helpful to allow them to get to know each other and to build empathy organically. All meetings between mentors and mentees are confidential.

KVINFO will be in touch with your colleague periodically over the course of one year to see how the mentorship is progressing. If your colleague has any questions or concerns at any time, she is welcome to contact us. At the end of the mentorship, the mentor and mentee complete an online evaluation form to formally end the mentorship.