Three key phases in the mentorship

First Phase: Inspiration

The Inspiration phase allows mentors/mentees to get to know each other and identify an integration challenge that you would like to work on. Empathy, curiosity and problem-definition are some of the skills you will practice in this phase.

Second Phase: Ideation

The Ideation phase is solution oriented, reserved for time to explore ideas to tackle challenges identified in the Inspiration Phase. Storytelling, sharing of insights, asking “how might we…” questions are central activities to this phase.

Third Phase: Implementation

The Implementation phase in which you formulate a potential solution, crafted in Ideation phase, and begin testing it in reality. Transitioning ideas into testable solutions allow for a meaningful process to begin evolving. The gradual evaluation of the process creates opportunities to make the necessary adjustments, or change direction altogether! Critical evaluation and brainstorming skills are central to this phase.