Guiding steps for the fifth mentor meeting

Step One: Focus on the rough draft and talk about people’s reactions to it. Having had some time to step away from the solution, revisit it to see if it shows the ideas that both of you had originally intended.

Step Two: You should encourage mentee to try to further develop and improve the solution. Print The Critical Tasks List tool” (clickable pdf file) and bring it to the meeting. At present, mentee should feel comfortable with the direction a solution points to and she should be able to work on her own.

Step Three: Make the changes you have discussed; step back and evaluate again; make additional changes.


Try to answer the following:

  • Why did you choose this challenge?
  • What does the solution express?
  • What does it mean for the mentee’s future?
  • What did you both learn during the process?
  • What was most difficult about the experience?