Values that drive each mentoring relationship

We look at the Positive: The core of KVINFOs Mentor Network lies in the fact that it is a one-to-one relation of equals. Together, mentors and mentees meet to set their own agenda. Sharing an education or a professional background creates common ground for dialogue. This makes it easier to work toward a path that contributes toward mentees’ ambitions becoming reality.

We seek Equality: Equality is the cornerstone of the mentorship; the core principle being that what we have in common with one another is greater than that which divides us. In KVINFO’s Mentor Network, mentors and mentees are equal. Equality provides a starting point for collaboration and sharing, which is to the benefit of mentee and mentor, alike.

We focus on the Individual: For members of KVINFOs Mentor Network it is not relevant the place where a mentee or a mentor comes from, the food they eat or the clothes they wear. They value the journey in realizing positive integration in Denmark through meaningful commitment.